Color Name Finder

Color name finder is a tool that helps you identify the name of a color from an image or a HEX code. Just select the image or enter your HEX code to find its name.

Find color name from image

Upload an image and pick the color to find its name

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Find color name from hex code

Just enter the color hex code to find its name

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Color name identifier

Our color identifier recognizes color names in digital media, using algorithms to provide the best matching color name or code. It is helpful in graphic design, web development, and for people with color vision deficiencies.

How to use color name finder tool?

To use the color name finder tool, you can either pick a color from an image or enter a hex code.To pick a color from an image, hover your mouse over it and click on the desired color. To use a hex code, simply enter the code for your desired color.