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GetImageColor is the best color picker from an image online. It helps to find image color codes with a click. Identify HEX (hexadecimal), RBG, CMYK, and HSV color codes with color names.

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How to use this tool

This tool is super easy to use. Follow the instructions given below.

Step 1. Firstly, choose your image in the given form on the right side bar.

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Step 2. Hover your mouse cursor over the image. Keep the mouse right button pressed to make it large. Move it up to your desired area. Make a single click in the focus area to lock the color.

Step 3. You can view exact color name on the right side bar. Also you will get complete color codes.

Best color picker from image

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to's

Pick image's color with the help of the GetImageColor tool. First, choose an image. Then, hover your pointer on the image. Finally, you can extract the color code and the color name by tapping on it.

Get image color tool extracts all color codes such as RGB, HEX, HSV, and CMYK. You need to choose your image and hover your mouse over it.

Yes, you can search images by color. Google images have a built-in feature for this purpose. Go to Google > Images > Tools > Color. Finally, select your desired color.

You can find the dominant color of any image with the help of the dominant color finder tool.

Firstly, open your image in photoshop. Then from top menu bar select image > adjustments > replace colors. Here you can easily change the color of your image. Also, you can change color individually for elements.
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